Animal Repellents



PlantSkydd is made in the USA from 100% natural ingredients: dried blood (porcine and/or bovine), vegetable oil, and water.  It contains no synthetic additives, is non-toxic, and is not harmful to animals or the environment.  It is safe to use on food crops to protect them from animal browse damage.

Plantskydd works by making animals avoid plants before they bite- not after by emitting an order browsing animals associate with predator activity.  For best protection, treat plants before browse beings in spring or fall.

1 qt. Liquid: $21.99

3 lb. Granular: $26.99
7 lb. Granular: $44.99

1 lb. Power Concentrate: $29.99

I Must Garden Repellents

Use Growing Season Deer Repellent during the spring and summer when your plants are actively growing. This formula contains all natural ingredients that not only decreases susceptibility to insect attack and infestation but also aids plant growth and development.

While totally harmless to rabbits, I Must Garden Rabbit Repellent will keep rabbits away from your flowers and vegetables, trees and more. It is easy to use…just shake and spray on plants needing protection.

Why put up with the stench of the leading brand when you can get better protection, that lasts longer and has a pleasant scent?

  • Easy to use
  • Effective all year round
  • Even safe for the deer!
  • Pleasant scent
  • Guaranteed to work or your money back

32oz ready to use sprayer (Deer, Rabbit, Squirrel): $15.99
1 gal ready to use sprayer (Deer): $25.99

32 oz concentrate (Deer): $38.99

2.5 lbs. Granular (small critters): $19.99
2 lbs. Squirrel granular: $15.99