Please contact us if there is a specific plant you are looking for and do not see it listed on the site as we may have it in our inventory.   Please also check for availability of plants listed as we may sell out. 

Vegetables: Common Name, Latin name, Sun/Shade

Bean Bushmaster, Phaseolus, FS

Bean Tenderbush, Phaseolus, FS

Cucumber Burpless Beauty, Cucumis, FS

Cucumber Salad Slicer, Cucumis, FS

Pea Sugar Snap, Pisum, FS

Tomato Better Boy, Lycopersicon, FS

Tomato Cherry 100 hybrid, Lycopersicon, FS

Tomato Super Beefsteak, Lycopersicon, FS

Tomato Sweet Aroma, Lycopersicon, FS

Tomato Sweet Snack, Lycopersicon, FS


Herbs: Common Name, Latin name

Basil, Ocimum 

Catmint, Nepeta 

Lavender, Lavandula 

Oregano, Origanum 

Rosemary, Roasmarinus 

Sage, Sage 

French Tarragon, Artemisia 

Thyme, Thymus 

Cilantro, Cilantro 

Red Basil, Ocimum


Fruit: Common Name, Latin name, Sun/Shade

Blackberry, Rubus, FS

Blueberry, Vaccinium, FS

Currant, Ribes, FS

Grape, Vitis, FS

Fig, Ficus, FS

Strawberry, Fragaria, FS


Shrubs: Common Name, Latin name, Sun/Shade

Chokeberry/ Aronia, Aronia, SH

Quince, Chaenomeles, FS

Service Berry, Amelanchier, FS/PS