Flowering Shrubs
Please contact us if there is a specific plant you are looking for and do not see it listed on the site as we may have it in our inventory.   Please also check for availability of plants listed as we may sell out. 

Full Sun to Partial Sun: Common Name, Latin name, Sun/Shade

Barberry, Berberis, FS
Bayberry, Myrica, FS
Beautyberry, Callicarpa, FS
Buckthorn, Rhamnus, FS
Burning Bush, Euonymus, FS
Bush Clover, Lespedeza, FS
Butterfly Bush, Buddleia, FS
Butterfly Bush Dwarf, Buddleia, FS
Buttonbush, Cephalanthus, FS/PS
Carpet Rose, Rosa, FS/PS
Caryopteris, Caryopteris, FS
Clethra, Clethra, FS/PS
Coral Berry,SymphoricarposFS/PS
Cotoneaster, Contoneaster, FS
Deutzia, Deutzia, FS
Dogwood, Cornus, FS
Early Amethyst, Callicarpa, FS
Elderberry, Sambucus, FS/PS
Forsythia, Forsythia, FS/PS
Genista, Genista, FS
Hibiscus, Hibiscus, FS
Knock Out Rose, Rosa, FS/PS
Leptodermis, Leptodermis, FS
Lilac, Syringa, FS
Magnolia, Magnolia, FS
Mock Orange, Philadephus, FS
Nine Bark, Physocarpus, FS
Pearl Bush, Exochorda, FS/PS
Potentilla, Potentilla, FS
Quince, Chaenomeles, FS
Rose of Sharon, Hibiscus, FS
Rose Spreader, Rosa, FS/PS
Sambucus, Sambucus, FS/PS
Serviceberry, Amelanchier, FS
Smoke Bush, Cotinus, FS
Spice Bush, Lindera, FS
Spirea, Spiraea, FS
St. James Wort, Hypericum, FS
Tree Peony, Peony, FS/PS
Viburnum, Viburnum, FS/PS
Willow, Salix, FS

Partial Sun to Shade: Common Name, Latin name, Sun/Shade

Beauty Bush, Kolkwitzia, PS
Bottlebrush, Fothergilla, SH
Chokeberry/ Aronia, Aronia, SH
Gentleman's Holly, Ilex, PS
Hydrangea, Hydrangea, PS/SH
Kerria, Kerria, SH
Sweetspire, Itea, PS/SH
Wiegela, Weigela, PS/SH

We carry multiple varieties of many of our flowering shrubs!

Prices vary by size, species and variety


The following lists contain the variety name, the flower color, and full growth habit
Although tolerances vary by species, Azaleas generally prefer morning sun and afternoon shade, good drainage and acidic soil

Westcroft Azaleas
The following species are hybrids that were developed by Ernest N. Stanton, the founder of Westcroft Gardens.

Lake Series:
Lake Erie: Pink, spotted cadmium
Lake Michigan: Rose-Pink, upright
Lake Superior: Deep Rose-Red, upright
Lake Ontario: Light Orchid, upright

Indian Series:
Cherokee: Camelia-like, Coral Pink, compact
Cherado: Coral, sightly double, upright
Shawnee: Salmon-Red, spreading
Wyandotte: Light Pink, large bloom

Myrtleleaf: Pink, semi-double, spreader
Fuzzy Purple: Light Purple, large plant
Upright Red: Light Orange-Red
Cadmium Red: semi-compact

We also have the following well-known azalea hybrids:

Pinks/ Corals/ Salmons

Rosebud: Double, Pastel Pink, upright
Glendale Pink: Pink, large bloom
Girard's Renee Michelle: Large Pink Bloom, compact
H-5 Pink: Ruffled, Salmon-Pink
Boudoir: Bright Watermelon Pink
Blaauw's Pink: Double, Light Coral Pink
Gumpo Pink: Dwarf, Light Pink


Stewartstonian: Brick Red, tall
Hino Crimson: Crimson Red, compact
Girard's Scarlet: Scarlet, semi-compact
Girard's Hot Shot: Orange-Red, compact
Glendale Red: Light Red, large bloom
Hershey Red: Double, Purplish-Red
Girard's Rose: Brilliant Rose-Red, upright
Mother's Day: Bright Red, single
Government Red: Orange-Red, compact


Delaware Valley: Upright, tall
Maxwelli Alba: Fast, Free-form, late bloom
Polar Bear: Semi-dwarf, compact
Girard's Kathy: Large bloom, upright
Cascade: Large foliage, upright
Helen Curtis: Ruffled bloom, dark green foliage
Marie's Choice: Semi-double, ruffled
Gumpo White: Dwarf, Pink splotch

Lavenders/ Purples

Herbert: Semi-deciduous, spreader
Poukhanence: Korean, free form, early blooms
Elsie Lee: Double, ruffled bloom, upright
Purple Splendor: Purple, spreader
Karen: Dark Purple, compact
Girard's Fuschia: Deep Reddish-Purple, compact
Corsage: Light Purple, open, tall

Prices vary by size, species and variety



These lists contain the variety name, full growth habit, and flower color
Although tolerances vary by species, Rhododendrons prefer morning sun and afternoon shade, good drainage and acidic soil


English Roseum: Tall, Rosy Pink
Scintillation: Medium, Pink, Large leaf
Janet Blair: Medium, Light Pink, compact
Yaku Prince: Low Growing, Dark Pink, compact
Yaku Pricess: Low Growing, Light Pink and White, compact
Holden: Meidum, Deep Rose Pink
Olga Mezitt: Medium, small leaf
Aglo: Medium, small leaf
Spring Dawn: Medium, Soft Pink
Vernus: Tall, Deep Pink
Maximum Roseum: Light pink
Anna H. Hall: Low Growing, Pale Pink, compact
Crete: Low Growing, White, compact
Pana: Low Growing, Red with white center
Besse Howells: Low Growing, Rose Pink
Dorothy Amateis: Medium
Marjie Kay Hinerman: Low Growing, Pink with white
Kabarett: Low Growing, Pink and purple


Boule de Niege: Low Growing, compact
Calsap: Medium, White with Purple throat
Catawbiense Album: Tall, Pink bud opens White
Chionoides: Medium, True White, compact


Baden-Baden: Low Growing, small leaf
Donna Day: Medium, Intense Red
Firestorm: Medium, Bright Red
Henry's Red: Tall, Deep Red
Nova Zembla: Medium to Tall, Purplish-red
Pearce's American Beauty: Tall, Red with Olive Spots
Scarlet Romance: Low Growing, Deep Red
Skookum: Compact, Deep Red
Tony: Low Growing, Cherry Red, compact

Lavenders/ Purples

Biloxi Blue: Low Growing, Violet, small leaf
Catawbiense Boursault: Tall, Light Purple
Fasia: Medium,Lavender, small leaf
Lavender Princess: Medium, Soft Lavender with Pink
PJM: Medium, Early bloom, small leaf
Pupureum Elegans: Tall, Medium Purple
Purple Passion: Tall, dark Purple
Roseum Elegans: Tall, Pinky Lavender
Tapstry: Low Growing, Lavender, compact
Wojnar's Purple: Medium, Deep Purple


Prices vary by size, species and variety

Please contact us if there is a specific plant you are looking for and do not see it listed on the site as we may have it in our inventory.   Please also check for availability of plants listed as we may sell out.