Trees & Evergreens

Trees: Common Name, Latin name, Sun/Shade

Autumn Brilliance Service Berry, Amelanchier, FS/PS
Autumn Gold Gingko, Ginko, FS
Beech- Dawyck Purple, Fagus, FS
Beech- Rivers Purple, Fagus, FS
Beech- Tri Color, Fagus, FS
Birch- Crimson Frost, Betula, FS
Birch- Jacquemonti, Betula, FS
Birch- Splish Splash, Betula, FS
Briotti Red Horsechestnut, Aesculus, FS
Cherry- Double Weeping, Prunus, FS
Cherry- Flowering, Prunus, FS
Cherry- Kwanzan, Prunus, FS
Cherry- Snowfountain, Prunus, FS
Cherry- Yoshino, Prunus, FS
Cherry-Royal Burgendy, Prunus, FS
Cypress- Bald Cyress
Dawn Redwood, Metasequoia, FS
Dogwood- Cherokee, Cornus, PS
Dogwood- Kousa, Cornus, PS
Dogwood- Satomi, Cornus, PS
Flowering Pear, Pyrus, FS
Forest Pansy, Cercis, FS/PS
Golden Chain, Laburnum, PS
Harry Lauder Walking Stick, Corylus, FS
Ivory Silk Lilac, Syringa, FS
Japanese Maple- Bloodgood, Acer, FS/PS
Japanese Maple- Crimson Laceleaf, Acer, FS/PS
Japanese Maple- Green Laceleaf, Acer, FS/PS
Locust- Purple Rope, Robinia, FS
Locust- Sunburst Honeylocust, Gleditsia, FS
Maple- Crimson King, Acer, FS
Maple- Flame, Acer, FS
Maple- Frank Jr., Acer, FS
Maple- Silver Variegated, Acer, FS
Maple-Autumn Blaze, Acer, FS
Mountain Ash, Sorbus, FS
Northern Catalpa, Catalpa, FS
Red Oak, Quercus, FS
Redbud, Cercis, FS
Royal Raindrops Crabapple, Malus, FS/PS
Tulip Tree, Liriodendron, FS
Velvet Cloak Smoketree, Cotinus, FS/PS
Weeping Willow, Salix, FS

Tree prices vary by size and species


Evergreens: Common Name, Latin name, Sun/Shade

Arborvitaes, Thuja, FS/PS
Azalea, Rhododendron, PS
Boxwood, Buxus, FS/PS
Cypress, Chamaecyparis, FS/PS
Euonymus, Euonymus, FS/PS
False Cypress, Chamaecyparis, FS/PS
Hemlock, Tsuga, FS/SH
Holly, Ilex, PS
Junipers, Juniperus, FS
Pieris Japonica, Pieris, SH
Pine, Pinus, FS
Rhododenron, Rhododendron, PS
Spruce, Picea, FS
Yews, Taxus, FS/SH

We carry multiple varieties of many of our evergreens!

Prices vary by size, species and variety

Please contact us if there is a specific plant you are looking for and do not see it listed on the site as we may have it in our inventory.   Please also check for availability of plants listed as we may sell out.